What I want people to think when they see my travel photos

by Kevin Bascao - 8:30 AM

I travel, post photos and even write an article about it. If you ever find that annoying, please continue reading because you might learn something from this.

There are times when I post a lot. Yes, I know that. But I don't do it just to brag or boast. Moreover, it will sadden me if you feel negative about yourself after seeing something I posted on social media. I know that I am not responsible for what people will feel about the things I do. After all, it would really depend on the audience. But let me at least tell you why I do things that I do and how I really want them to affect you.

I've already established long time ago how much I'm into traveling. This explains the former name of my website, The Gypsy Life of Kevin. But what really is it that I love about traveling?

Traveling has saved me many times from having a total breakdown. It has always helped me pull myself together when everything is bad. Traveling gives me a good sense of freedom. It helps me become someone I want to be. It makes me more confident. It makes me a better person. It makes me happy. Any person who is passionate about something would understand what I'm saying. That's exactly why I travel. Something about going to different places, discovering new things and meeting people is making me excited all the time. 

Take away all the photos, you still get  life-changing experiences. Truth be told, every traveler looks forward to that. Sometimes, people travel to forget the past and start a new life. While others travel not to escape life but for life not to escape them. I think having instagrammable photos is a great bonus, though.

Whenever people see my travel photos, they would always tell me how lucky I am to be able to go to such beautiful places. But that's not really the kind of impression I want to make. When you see my photos, I want you to know that I do this out of passion. That my heart and soul are in their best state and situation when I travel. Trust me, If I have the chance to be a full-time digital nomad, I will undoubtedly leave my full-time corporate job and take that effin' chance to work while traveling. Maybe I'll get there soon. I don't know, I am still working on it.

Please also know that I work hard and save money so I could travel. It's not like I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. And still, I don't consider myself rich, as far as money or wealth is concerned. But you know what? I think traveling isn't for the rich. Traveling is for those who loves to travel. Remember, if you want something so much, you will work hard and pray hard to get it. 

You don't need to get the most expensive plane ticket or the most fancy hotel room. But there's also nothing wrong if you want those things. It depends on you. My point? You allot money for traveling. You include it in your plans and budget. You accomplish things. You do something about that feeling of wanting to travel. 

I want to inspire you in such a way that you will go after your dreams. I want you to do something out of love. I want you to live a happy life as a result of pursuing a passion and working hard. Those are the kind of stories I want to inform you about when you see my photos. 


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