Pursuing a dream requires plenty of motivation and here's one

by Kevin Bascao - 1:28 PM

In my almost 28 years of existence, I learned that you can be in many places. But not in different places at the same time. When you are young, you have this high energy and level of excitement to do many things. As you grow older, you learn to identify where you want to focus that energy. 

You already have this burning passion in doing something you're either good at or really love. Or even both. What do you need to do then?

You start by having a dream. What is it that you really want to achieve? The answer to that question shall serve as your starting point. Setting a dream means setting your goal and setting a goal means establishing the direction you want to go. When you already know exactly what you want, you will do everything and anything to make your dream come true.  As long as you do no harm to other people and you have the best intentions.

To many people, having a dream is equivalent to having a purpose. That they keep fighting and going in life because of that dream. I hope at this point, I have already convinced you that having a dream is important and is a beautiful thing.

Someone once said that the poorest people are not the ones without money but rather those who do not have even a single dream. True enough. When you dream, you appreciate all the hardships and efforts you do because you know it's all for a good reason. When you finally make a dream come true, your heart and soul will have an amazing level of joy. That joy is the kind that money can never buy.

There will be times when people belittle your dreams. People might see your dreams as something not worthy of achievement. But to you, it could mean everything. Don't lose the fire in you. Do not give up just because somebody else thought your dreams are not good enough. Do not let other people invalidate the things that you want to achieve in your life. The same way, do not quit when people say that you are incapable of doing great things. If you can dream it, then you can do it.

Trees do not grow at the same rate, though. If you see your friends posting their achievements on social media and it frustrates you, remember that your journey is different from theirs. We all have our own timelines. What you need is to focus on your own dreams. But really, when it comes to timeline, trusting God is the best thing to do.

If you are feeling hopeless and weak, let this article be your inspiration. Know that you are capable of dreaming and achieving BIG things. I believe in you. And if you happen to reach the point where you have achieved a dream, I would like to congratulate you. Feel proud and blessed.

But does it have to end there? No. Dream another dream or you could also help other people achieve their own dreams. Be an instrument. That's how we win in this life. We support one another and we make this world a better place to dream and to live in.

Don't ever stop dreaming!

**All photos are mine 

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