Read this if you don't know what to put on your New Year's resolutions list

by Kevin Bascao - 1:30 AM

Brace yourselves as you will see more "New year, new me" posts in the coming days. 

Many people have their list of New Year's resolutions or things they intend to start or stop doing for the main purpose of trying to achieve self-improvement.

In case you haven't come up with your own list yet, here are some suggestions. Some or maybe even most are very much applicable to me as well. Because I know that I am a work in progress.

Say what you mean

Don't say "I'm on my way there" if you are actually just on your way to the bathroom to take a bath and prepare for a meeting that started 15 minutes ago. Say what really is the truth. Your words speak a lot about your integrity. Trust me, lying is a bad habit. 

Saying what you mean could also be saying what you really feel (no sugarcoat). If you feel uncomfortable about something, say it. Discuss it with the party involved. 

Mean what you say

Words are good, but it can break a person, especially if it involves a broken promise. I bet you've already made enough promises in the previous years. Maybe it's about time putting your words into actions.

Not all people have much to be hopeful for from you. Some only got words. Words you said due to intense emotions and words you didn't really mean. Be sensitive enough to know that some people might hold on to your words. They keep your words even if you yourself don't.

Don't wait for the time to come wherein nobody believes what you say because you have history of making false promises. Avoid making promises or statements when your emotions are high.

Stop begging for love

If God was able to love the ugliest and sickest you, then there's somebody out there who can love you and you do not even need to ask for it. Moreover, love comes in different forms. It's probably good not to expect love just from a single person. Remember, you have your family and friends. 

Maybe the right person for you hasn't come yet. But then again, please do not settle for less than you deserve. 

For now, focus on self-care and self-love. So that when the right person comes, you are ready and you know you are capable of giving the right love. 

Focus on what you love, instead of hating what you don't like

When someone is successful, happy or having a good life, others aren't just cool with that. These toxic people live to pull others down. They enjoy watching you fail and fall. Yes, we call that "Crab-mentality". People with such behavior wants to take the spotlight, even if it means destroying others. And that, my friend, is one of the many faces of hatred.

The world we live in today is already full of hate. Adding more makes you a cancer in this toxic society. How about try being part of the cure? Sounds better but pretty challenging as well. At some point, we're all guilty of this. But we can start with promoting what we love and not bashing what we don't. Eat the food on your plate without having to look on someone else's plate. I hope you know what I mean here. 

If you have plenty of time finding flaws and imperfections of other people, then you're missing a lot. You don't give yourself time to work on your own issues. 

Spread love, be kind. 

Invest on people, not on materials

About time you value the people in your life, especially the ones who stick with you during bad times. You know they stay for a genuine reason and not for anything else. Spend time with them, show them appreciation. C'mon, we're not getting any younger and our time in this world is limited. Your clothes, gadgets and cars might be outdated tomorrow. Sure you can buy a new one. But finding good people and building relationships? Nope, not easy at all.

Be bothered when you already love your gadgets more than people.

Give room for your passion and other interests

I hope you are working a job that you love. But even so, you must find time for other things that are also making your soul happy. In this way, you will have a breather and at the same time, you are nurturing growth in other areas of yourself.

Let me give an example. Taking a medical-related course and being in the healthcare industry for years, my love for healthcare has grown over the time. Good for me, I have passion in what I do for living. But when I was a kid, I wanted to do something else. Even now, there are other things that I am also passionate about. I'm talking about traveling and writing. For obvious reasons, I am also following my passion for these things. 

Traveling now is less expensive compared to doing it before and with social media and other online platforms, I can make articles and reach people. It's really up to me now. 

Anyway, point is you have to make time to pursue a passion. If you really love doing something, you will find ways to be able to do it. You know it's called passion for a reason, right?

Fact: The word passion comes from Latin root word pati-, meaning suffering, or enduring. 

Be good to people with good hearts

Simply because they are rare nowadays. You don't wanna be the reason for their change of hearts. Instead, be someone who will bring change to the bad ones.

For the record, it's generally good to be nice to everyone. We don't always know what a person is going through but we know how we make one person feel around us. 

You have no idea how much you affect people. 

I personally believe that you can initiate change the moment you decide to go for it. You don't have to wait for the year to change.

On the other hand, I think it's still good that people see the changing of calendar year as something like a turning point in their lives and so they anticipate a lot of good things to happen in the future. It gives people a great sense of hope. A renewed kind of hope.

With this renewed hope, people are starting the year right and they are looking forward to become better version of themselves by setting objectives and achieving those objectives throughout the year.

I guess New Year's resolutions are good after all and definitely not something to make fun of. There's nothing wrong with wanting to change and wanting to be better. If you desire change, you are already half way to making it happen.

Happy New Year!

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