2018, here's a list of people I want to say thank you to

by Kevin Bascao - 3:01 PM

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone but for some reason you can't and don't? In this blog, I will be thanking random people in my life who made an impact to my 2018. 

Each paragraph is dedicated to a specific person or a group of people, mostly anonymous or unidentified.

I would like to start by thanking my friends for keeping me sane when I had a very depressing moment. Get yourself friends who will stay up late during times you need someone to talk about your problems to. Not who will stay up late with you only when partying.

Thanks to you for listening every time I have something to say. Funny how some friends are near me in terms of space and time but didn't care to check on me even once. You did. You always do. I'll see you next year!

Thanks to those kind people who helped me and my family get through this yet another challenging year.

Thank you toxic people for not believing in me. I learned to believe in myself when nobody does.

Thanks for proving me that 2 people from the same age group can be the complete opposite of each other. More importantly, age doesn't define maturity. Double my age, that's almost your age. No offense, I find myself more mature than you.

Thank you because I'm now 101% sure that money can't buy class or at least good manners. This is why I admire kind people more than rich people. But you know what? I know some rich people who also happens to be the nicest people. I may not be as wealthy as you but at least I'm not as mean as you.

Thank you for coming home after being away for quite some time. Know that you are not alone because there's always a place you can call home. We'll always be your home. I wonder how long it will take for you to realize that.

Thanks to my mom for waking me up many times before I actually get up every morning. Thanks to my dad for always fixing something that is broken. I mean that in many different ways.

Thanks to my younger sister who is one semester away from graduation. Thanks for not failing me. And thank God, I have no idea how I managed to pay her tuition along with my bills, personal needs and other responsibilities.

Thanks to my travel buddies who also became the best travel photographers I know. If at one point I became too demanding, I apologize.

Thanks to the locals and tourists that I met during my travels. Every travel is great because of the people I meet along the way. We have different languages and cultures but it wasn't hard for us to establish connections. We're not so different after all. We're all the same, we're humans. 

Arigato! I miss Japan. I hope when I get back I could speak even just basic Nihonggo so we could talk. Maybe meet and have fun with your friends too. Sounds good? How about next year?

There was this time when I felt regretful because we broke up. I sometimes think how my life will be if we end up being together. After our relationship, I never talked about future the same way I used to. Thank you, my first love. I guess I will not be as supportive as I am to my family now if I already have my own family or maybe I take it as that when it's really just a form of defense mechanism to protect my ego. Anyway, I'll always have a portion of you in me.

Thank you ex for asking me to meet you. At some point, I thought you were finally giving me the closure we never had. I end up listening to you talk about your new boyfriend which in a way was better than a closure. Seeing and hearing how in love you are with him gives me a great sense of freedom and assurance. Bye for now. I mean, for good.

To all the people I've worked with, I learned at least one thing from each of you. I hope I made a difference in your life. Thank you, always a wonderful experience to both be able to teach and learn at the same time.

To you, whoever is reading this, I appreciate your time reading my blog.

To my social media friends, thank you. I hope you post more positive stuff, though. ☺️

To my newly found friends, workmates, team, churchmates, acquaintances, thanks and welcome to my life!

To the person who sticks around me no matter what, I'm not sure how exactly you are doing that but thank you.

Above all, I thank God for everything.

2018 was many things. It's a year of many depressing moments and a year of blessings at the same time. It's been a year of learning and growth. I feel like I've gained so much wisdom from this year's experiences.

Maybe I'm good with words but not always in delivering them especially in a face-to-face interaction. One thing about making blogs is that you can easily express yourself and say words you don't usually say every day. If you think one of the messages is for you, then maybe it is.

Looking forward to 2019! 

**P.S. All photos are mine**

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