La Union – More than just a surfing spot

by Kevin Bascao - 10:29 PM

La Union is known as the surfing capital of the Northern Philippines. It’s undeniably a great place for surfing. But what if surfing is not your kind of adventure?
Summer 2018, I went to La Union. In this blog, I am sharing the things I saw, did and experienced. Surfing not included.

Watch the beautiful sunset

I have always been fond of sunsets. I was fortunate to have enjoyed this beautiful view from my villa. I sat down, watched until the sun went down. I thought the photo looked even more beautiful with children walking and playing along the beach on it. Really fun to watch!
This has to be my favorite part of the trip. I always knew I would come back here for this.

Be a Foodie

The presence of food parks in La Union made me feel as if I am in Manila. Honestly, I was not expecting this. Food is definitely not a problem here! La Union has leveled up its food scene and I love it. The interior design of restaurants and food places are also amazing and instagram-worthy. Although it’s a trend now that everything must look good aesthetically, they still gave great amount of attention to the quality of food. Yes! I was so satisfied.
Grab yourself some burger (try bacon and bbq burger) and fries from Mad monkeys or maybe some burritos from Olas Banditos! Aside from being tasty, the serving is just overwhelming. I thought they’re good for sharing.

Shout out to coffee lovers! El Union is one great place you shouldn’t miss! It’s quite popular. Actually, a lot of tourists go here. They serve really good coffee, either hot or cold. By the way, if I am not mistaken, they are using local coffee beans. Aside from the coffee, I love the ambiance which gave me homey vibes. Lastly, I would give 5 out of 5 stars for the customer service part alone. People here are nice and cool.

Enjoy the nightlife


The night is young and alive in La Union. Eat, drink and chill at Flotsam and Jetsam. It’s where night life in La Union mostly happens. Tourists fill this place especially during summer. Amazing crowd! For the second time, I thought I was in Manila. The only problem I had here is the long queue of people ordering for food and drinks. I was even told that food will be served after an hour from the time the order is placed which is insane because I was so hungry that time. Ended up going somewhere for dinner. My advice would be to come early, like maybe around 5 PM.

Visit Ma-cho temple

I had the chance to see Ma-cho temple before heading back to Manila since it’s near my villa and I wanted to somehow maximize my overnight stay in La Union. You may access the temple for free since there is no entrance fee. It’s good that the place is open for everyone but we should still be reminded that it is indeed a temple. You would see people praying inside. One has to observe rules and proper behavior.
The view is majestic! You can actually see the West Philippine Sea from the temple. Cool, right?
It was a quick trip. If I had more time, I would have gone to more places and done more activities. La Union is indeed a perfect surfing spot. But more than that, it is a place to enjoy not just for surfing but for many other reasons.
Will I go back? Yes. Definitely.

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