Current style obsession: Baseball caps and classic hats

by Kevin Bascao - 7:30 PM

Growing up, I used to put a lot of styling stuff on my hair. If I remember correctly, I started using styling gel since 5th grade. In high school, I switched to hair wax not only because it was a trend back then but they also smelled way better than any styling gel. Eventually, hair clay was out and many guys went crazy for it, including myself.

I never really liked wearing hats, caps, beanie or any headgear. I thought I didn't look good wearing them. Or maybe I just didn’t know how to wear them properly.

I'm glad that changed recently. In fact, I think I'm getting obsessed with wearing caps and hats. First, I've found a great deal of convenience. Putting a cap on my head saves a lot of time than putting wax on my hair and styling them after. Not to mention, I've encountered a lot of bad hair days lately and I needed to spend more time in front of the mirror. 

Honestly speaking, we don’t have that luxury of time to fix our hair. But obviously, you do not want your messy hair to ruin your ootd. 

Need a quick fix? Put something on your head and make it part of your ootd.

I particularly got obsessed with baseball caps and classic hats recently.  I'm learning to appreciate them more than ever. I love how it can make an ootd look great when paired with the right clothes. Hence, they fall under the “Men’s accessories” category. They're like an extra detail that gives our overall look a better texture and color.

Here are some ideas if you want to incorporate caps and hats on your street style outfits.

A nice cap is always a great accessory for street style outfits when you want to get that sporty look. I like pairing it with basic tees and sneakers. Make the most out of it by choosing the right color that will match your clothes and shoes.

While caps are easier for sporty and more casual look, hats, on the other hand, need a more formal approach. As of the moment, I'm so into wearing this wool hat. It's pretty classic. In the photo below, you will see that I paired it with black leather loafers (Marikina-made because they're matibay). I wore Zara for the top and Uniqlo pants. Honestly, I'm not sure where the hat came from. But it's been inside my cabinet for a long time. I thought I could try wearing it. 

I did when I went to Vietnam. Now I'm obsessed. 

Though you can always experiment; you can wear hats without going too formal. Who says they can't be part of your streetwear? And you know what stylish men always say? There’s no such thing as overdressing. Or at least, between underdressing and overdressing, the latter is always better. Just make sure every element works well with each other and the overall look is amazing.

More sharing of my style obsessions and ootd ideas in the upcoming blogs! If you haven't noticed yet, I'm taking my website into a higher level so I decided to put up an online store. I'm working on this "read and shop" concept. Please bear with me as I am just starting with this stuff. 


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