27 and still learning

by Kevin Bascao - 10:40 PM

27 random things I’ve learned in my 27 years of existence

1. God is good

I’m not perfect, I know for a fact that I have shortcomings. But for some reason, I am well and alive. I am loved as if I deserve to be.
Some people are catching their last breath while you are reading this. Think about that. You are blessed.

2. Believe when they say “Age is just a number”
Age should not be an excuse for an inappropriate act. You could be a millennial by age, but you can act mature. The same way, there are some people double my age but are acting like a child.
P.S. please grow up!

3. Haters gonna hate

Haters do not take a vacation. They will always find a way to destroy you. But they will only succeed in destroying you if you let them. Know that their words won’t hurt you because you know yourself better. Think of them as if they are your biggest fans and followers. Don’t mind them, stay focused on your goal.

4. Travel is indeed life

You are not born in this world to be in one place. There is a lot more people to meet, more food to eat and more things to learn outside your comfort zone. As what they always say, growth begins at the end of your comfort zone. Traveling will allow you to have a wider and deeper perspective of life. It will help you develop a deeper sense of understanding people.

5. When I was young, I have always admired intelligent people
Don’t get me wrong, I still do. But now, I prefer people with big hearts than people with big brains. In this world full of “opinionated” people, be someone who’s nothing but kind. Nowadays, kind people are the most underrated people.

6. Roses are red, violets are blue. But my bills are already due
The older you get, the more practical you become. Let’s face it, love will not help you pay bills. At this point, you should know that it’s more important to be responsible prior engaging yourself into a relationship.
How about you get yourself ready by being financially and emotionally stable? If you are still asking allowance from your parents, then it may not be ideal to prioritize your lovelife for now.

7. Social media is a powerful tool
Gone are the days when students had to use the library to do their assignments. Almost all kids today will not be able to appreciate libraries because everything is readily available on the internet.
But because of the internet as well, communication has been so much easier. To be more specific, thanks to Social Media!

Let us be cautious though. Toxic people use it to destroy others.
Social media is beautiful and informative if we use it wisely. Let us use it to share knowledge. Let us use it to empower people. Let us use it for pleasure without pulling anyone down.

8. Saving money is so much easier said than done.
I bet you told yourself years ago that you want to start saving money for your future. But until now, you haven’t really started. Did you even realize that you have more credit accounts and cards than savings account. Agree? This is the world we live in today. We were taught that having multiple credit cards is more “in” than having multiple savings account.

9. You don’t discuss about politics with your friends because you might end up hating each other. No joke.

10. Quarter life crisis is real. When you’re at this stage, you will feel as if nothing makes sense. You kind of feel lost. You feel as if you’re not doing this life correctly. But the fact that you are feeling this, you are already half-way there. According to Psychology, this QLC is due to stress you experience during transition to adulthood. Welcome to the club!

11. I should have taken seriously my parents’ command to always sleep early at night and to take naps in the afternoon when I was a kid. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had a full 8-hour sleep. I’m sure it was several years ago.

12. Be respectful
I was raised by my parents to pay respect to people regardless of their status in life. Today, I still hold on to that principle. However, I also learned that some people do not deserve my respect. God bless them.

13. Be nice
Like I said previously, not all people deserve respect. But that doesn’t give you a license to be mean towards them. They may not be nice, but remember that you are. You cannot control their actions but you can control your reactions. Keep it classy, boys and girls.

14. I can't survive a day without coffee

When I was young, I used to hate coffee. I still remember having reflux or stomach pain whenever I tried drinking coffee. I’m one of those “Laking Nido” kids. Now I seldom drink milk. I actually prefer taking my dose of caffeine before bedtime.

Call me boring and liar but I enjoy coffee shops more than bars. If you still want to go out with me, specifically at night, take me to a coffee shop and I’m yours the whole night.

Trust me, I tried my best to sound wholesome in the last sentence I made before this.

15. More important than getting a good grade
I had a 79 in one subject throughout my student life. Mathematics. I’m aware that I’m not good in Math but I also know that I’m not that bad. When I was young, it was a big deal. That time, I got frustrated of myself. It was the only line of 7 score I had and just one point, I already have an 80. I was too young to realize that my 79 will not dictate my future.

Kids, I encourage you to study well. Good grades are good when you look for a job. But always remember that companies do not only look for good grades. They also look for good attitude. Attitude matters.

16. Success is a journey. Not a destination.
It doesn’t happen overnight. But you can be successful everyday. You can set goals that you can achieve on a daily basis. After a long day, evaluate yourself. If you are able to achieve your target for the day, then consider yourself successful. In this way, you will not be bored or impatient. Know that the small things you do now are all for the bigger target.

17. People come, people go

Remember an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend telling you how they can’t live without you? Are they still alive? Remind them that they should be dead by now. Kidding aside, we have to somehow embrace that this is the reality. That some people will stay, some people will go. Even if they have the option to stay.

Let them go. You deserve someone better.

18. Difficult times reveal true character
We all have that “friend” who shows up when he or she needs something from us or maybe they only know us during our best days. Sadly, they leave as soon as the situation gets difficult.

You know how some smartphones are user-friendly? Same thing with people. Some are “friendly-user”.

I hope you got the message.

19. Life is not perfect
If you think money is the answer to all your problems, you are wrong. And I hope you realize sooner how materialistic that idea is. Even rich and famous people have problems. Even your favorite celebrities have problems. And maybe even bigger than yours.

We all have problems. We solve one today, we face a new one tomorrow. This life was made imperfect for us to realize that we all need a perfect God.

Also, life is not perfect but your outfit can be. Ha-ha!

20. Things do not happen the way you planned them
When I was in high school, I already had a picture in mind of what my future will look like.
At least based on my plans: At 25, I’ll get married. I thought that it’s the ideal age for marriage. Also according to my high school self, I’ll have my own house and car some time between 25 to 30 years old. None of those things happened on the timelines I set.

Then I realized that God has His own timeline. I learned to trust every process. I learned that I need to be patient.

21. Set goals and set them high

Life without a goal is like a ticket without a destination. You can set any goal (just promise me it’s generally good) and no one can tell you that you can’t have it. When you successfully reached your goal, you do not stop there. Set a new goal. Higher than the last one.

22. We need to pay attention to Mental health
Years ago, I had this unofficially diagnosed PTSD. I used to wake up every night from a bad dream which was a result of a real-life encounter. It lasted for years since childhood.

The increase in the incidence rate of suicide is really alarming. It’s good that society is now more open to discussion as far as mental health is concerned. If you are someone experiencing depression or having suicidal thoughts, speak out and reach out to someone today. You are not alone and you can ask for help.

23. Time flies really fast

It’s funny how we were impatient as kids, wanting to grow up and grow old fast. Only to find out that adulting is not a piece of cake. From being a Totoy, I totally feel like a Tito now.

I swear, it feels like I was just 5 years old yesterday!

24. Adulting is hard
Oh man, I always thought I was ready but there is no way I could ever prepare enough for this. This is the time when paying bills is more important than partying. One thing is for sure, adulting is teaching us to be more responsible.

I think the best way to learn about Adulting is to go through it.

25. Work is just 1/3 of your daily life

I know, I know! I’m guilty on this one. But learning from the experience, I realized that work is not my world and definitely not my life. We all need a break from time to time (which is why I always travel) and we have other responsibilities as well. Responsibilities to our families, friends and ourselves. As a working adult, we should aim for work-life balance. It’s not easy but it’s healthy.

Find time to pursue a hobby. Learn new stuff. Spend quality time either alone or with loved ones.

26. You can be friends again with your ex

Yes, you read that right! Some people may disagree. Still, it varies from case to case. What I want to say is that it is possible for some people.

Reconciliation and starting again as friends do not happen instantly. You have to give time for this to happen. It might take years. And you should not expect that you will be super friends. The good thing here is the peace of mind you will get after all the bad things you both went through. Remember, closure is a luxury. Not all people can afford it.

27. Learn to say NO
You are generally a good person. I get that. In fact, you just agree with everything. You just go with the flow.

There is nothing wrong about being nice. But be realistic and give yourself enough respect. Learn how to disagree and to reject someone or something especially if you cannot give what is being asked from you.

Lastly, learn to walk away from things and people that makes your life toxic. If you have been holding on for so long and all you feel is pain, maybe it’s time to walk away. Maybe it’s time to say no.

Thanks for reading!
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