Traditional meets modern: Kimono-inspired street style look

by Kevin Bascao - 2:01 AM

As some of you know, I recently had a quick trip in Vietnam. One of the places I’ve been to was Hoi an. It is an ancient town in Vietnam located somewhere south of Da Nang.

People in Hoi an surely knows the right way of maintaining the town’s culture and lifestyle. I could easily tell after witnessing how most locals still strive to live a simple life. Aside from that, the presence of old but well-preserved structures in Hoi an left me speechless and fascinated. Going to this place gave me an instant visit to the past.

I made some research prior visiting the place since I both wanted to dress appropriately and also have that good sense of style. I wanted to wear something classic while achieving that modern street style for my ootd.

After contemplating all these things, I finally decided to go for a kimono-inspired outfit. I know I could have worn other traditional dress but why Japanese?

Here’s why.

The SS 2018 Emporio Armani collection got me inspired. During its fashion show, Kimono-style garments were one of the highlights of the show. And yes, I liked it.

Photo from GQ

Also, with the recent Men’s New York fashion week, I looked forward seeing the street style clothes that models, designers and other guests pulled off during the event.
Chicago-based photographer, Matthew Sperzel, spotted this guest last July 10, wearing a kimono-inspired clothing, neon blue shorts and neon yellow sneakers.

Kimonos have been around since a long time ago. It doesn’t need to be introduced anymore but more like needs to be preserved as the production of authentic kimonos is slowing down due to some reasons.

In my opinion, kimono itself is a work of art. It has a unique story to tell to the succeeding generations after us. Being constantly on trend only proves that its remarkable classic style and influence continues to make an impact even up to this day and will most likely still go a long way through this era of modern fashion.

Despite the different approaches of people in wearing kimonos, they remain classic and timeless as they should always be.

Here’s the kimono-inspired outfit I wore on my first day in Da Nang, Vietnam. I wore it with a black hat as headgear not only because I was too lazy to fix my hair but I also wanted to add some classic stylish look in my overall outfit. For the footwear, I wore a pair of white trainers, which mostly gave the modern twist. One more good reason for wearing comfortable trainers is to enjoy long walks one must take to explore this beautiful town.

You can also wear long socks which I think will look good on this outfit. However, I considered the weather during my visit since it was too humid at that time. After all, I wanted my hat to be the heaviest stuff I would be carrying the entire Hoi an trip.

Shoes from Adidas

This outfit helped me achieve my desired traditional look while embracing the modern street style culture at the same time. As compared to bomber jackets and coats, this light-weight kimono is easy and comfortable to wear – great for an enjoyable street walk!

Do you like this look? Share your thoughts!

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