Plan your DIY travels using these free mobile apps

by Kevin Bascao - 10:20 PM

Traveling is always fun and exciting! But behind every travel, there’s always this whole planning stuff needed to be done prior the actual trip. So how do you exactly plan your travel? An instant answer can be found at your fingertips using your smartphone. The world we live in today is evolving every day. Our technology can now do stuff we once thought impossible. If we know the proper use of it, it can bring great impact to our lives. Just by using our phones, things can be done including the planning of our travels.
Apps were made available online for our use. Here are some of my favorites:


Given that you already have a specific country or place in mind that you want to visit and if visa is not a concern, the first thing to do is book your flight. Identify the dates you will be traveling. If you are working on a regular schedule or have prior commitments, then you should be considering those things.
In finding affordable flights, I recommend using Skyscanner app as it will not only save you money but will also save you time. Just input your preferred dates and places of departure and arrival. In a few seconds, it will show you prices from different airlines and travel companies, from cheapest to most expensive. With Skyscanner, you can compare prices without having to go through the website of airlines, checking the prices one by one. It does the searching for you but take note that the actual booking happens when you click your preferred option. It will direct you to actual site of the airline or agency.
When it comes to finding the cheapest airfare, Skyscanner is my go-to app but not all the time because nothing is better than scoring a seat sale. If you know that an airline company runs a cheap airfare promo, checking with that company is the best option.
Download Skyscanner here:


I have been booking my accommodations with Agoda for years now. In all those bookings, I never encountered a problem. This is the primary reason why I affiliated with this company.
There are plenty of reasons to like the Agoda app. I find it easy to navigate and user-friendly. You can search by entering the name of the hotel or make it general by putting the name of the city. . If you want to look for options and doesn’t have a specific hotel in mind yet, choose the latter. Search using the city or area of the place you are going. Then it will give you a list of results. What I like about Agoda is its partnership with several hotels (even hostels). Therefore, it can give you great options which you can sort by recommended, lowest price first, guest rating and secret deals. Since we’re already talking about secret deals, can I just say how much I like the fact that they always give discounts!
If you are looking for a hotel booking company that offer good rates, I recommend Agoda.
Download the app here:
If you don’t like downloading the app, you can check their site or you may check the Agoda search box here on my website.

Hotel in Manila I booked via Agoda


You already got yourself a plane ticket and hotel accommodation, now what? It’s time to plan your activities!
Let Klook help you with that. They literally sell activities and things to do on your travel! They offer attraction and tour tickets, sim card and wifi, airport transfer and a lot more! Just before writing this blog, I booked an airport transfer for my Vietnam trip next week. Klook has been very helpful to me. If you’re asking about the prices, I think they offer reasonable rates and to add to that, they give discounts and special promos! Check it out here.
Download the mobile app:
For Apple devices: Click here
For Android devices: Click here
If you don’t like downloading the app, you can check their site or you may check the Klook search box here on my website.

Ticket to Gyeongbokgung Palace

So, there. You can now plan your travels better and earlier using these helpful apps. The key mostly is to book early! Know that prices may also vary depending on the schedule of your travel. The earlier you book, the lesser the chance of you spending a lot, especially for flights. Traveling requires a lot of preparation, it is important to have prior knowledge about the place you will be visiting and to have enough money and resources for the entire trip.
Disclaimer: These are recommendations based from my own experiences and opinion. You may not agree with some of the things I said on this blog. After all, we all have unique experiences. Also, I recommend these apps for your travels around Asia. I haven’t been to any country outside Asia yet so I am limiting this list to Asia travels alone. As for my affiliation with Klook and Agoda, I do get paid for every successful booking made thru my website. Rest assured that no additional charges will be asked from you.
Thank you and happy traveling!

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