Museum-like hotel in Cebu city

by Kevin Bascao - 11:00 PM

Planning a trip can be so tedious. More so if you are traveling with somebody else. You do not want to encounter a major problem, so the last thing you want is to leave unprepared. One of the things you need to settle after getting that plane ticket is securing your accommodation. Going forward, I will be featuring hotels right here on my website with the main goal of sharing some reviews and giving recommendations as well based on my personal experiences.
Today’s feature, which is actually the first one, is a boutique hotel located in Cebu city, Philippines –
The Henry Hotel.
Address: Ma Luisa Entrance Road | One Paseo Compound, Banilad, Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Note: The Henry hotel has a branch in Manila. This blog covers the Cebu branch only.

The hotel is located at the heart of the city which makes it accessible. It is surrounded by restaurants and shops which is pretty convenient. Upon entering the hotel lobby, the hotel staff greeted me warmly. It did not feel scripted but rather a genuine act. I mentioned that because customer service is important to me. What makes me come back to a certain hotel is not the amenities, it’s the kind of service I received throughout my stay. The Henry Hotel does a good job in terms of providing good customer service.
The room was spacious and clean. It has this chill vibe which made me want to stay longer. It has this rustic-industrial finish. Hence, it looks old and yet feels modern. I liked my room, I felt comfortable in it..

The hotel did not only meet my basic expectations, they even exceeded it. The Henry hotel is not like the usual hotels we see as they added twist into its interior design. It brought the decors and designs to a whole lot different level. I think the concept of its interior design is combining art and class and getting the best output from it. The hotel itself is already worth exploring. They have this collection of paintings that looks like an art gallery to me. My eyes were so happy to see all the artistic stuff they placed in the hotel.

Top From Penshoppe, shorts from Oxygen
The dining area was beautifully designed as well. The stylish table, big chairs, lighting and everything else made me want to eat like a king. I am just amazed how they made everything look sophisticated and artsy including the place where the only thing that you should be doing is to eat. Oh, I enjoyed my breakfast by the way! They surely know how to make good food.
The Henry hotel has a nice and clean swimming pool. Kudos to the maintenance team for keeping it clean all the time! At some point, I forgot that I was in the city because the ambiance at the pool area was so relaxing and probably because it’s the only place in the hotel where you will see more plants and trees and less paintings and crafts. I took a quick dip before leaving on the next day.

The Henry hotel promises to provide a like-no-other, seamless staycation experience to all their valued guests. I think they have been true to that promise. I had a comfortable and safe stay. Accommodating staff, good dining experience and amazing vibe. All these in one hotel! Overall, it was a great and pleasurable experience. I hope to go back again in the future.
I highly recommend this hotel!
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