Back to basic: Comfy streetwear look for guys

by Kevin Bascao - 1:49 AM

I wear shorts in just two situations. One is during summer or days when temperature is extremely hot. Other times I wear shorts is when I’m too lazy to dress up. In other words, I wear shorts to achieve a good sense of comfortability and convenience.
But the things is.. you can actually wear a relaxed outfit without compromising the “style” part. You can wear a comfy streetwear and still pay good amount of attention on your overall look.

Jeans short has always been there, even before sweatpants (and sweatshorts) were born. It was probably gone for some time in the past but it has surely made its comeback.
For this particular look, I’m wearing Jorts (Jean + shorts) paired with a basic white shirt. The most important thing about wearing jorts is the fit. It should not be too loose but not too constricting at the same time. Also, you want to check on its length as it should be not too long nor too short. For short men, shorter shorts is often times acceptable. I mean, it can still look good since it tend to make legs look longer.

When wearing denim tattered shorts, it is recommended to not do it with exaggeration. Few details should be enough to keep you in style. Since denim shorts is mostly for an off-duty look, it’s always a good idea to partner it with a plain white shirt. If you want to add some twist or mystery on your look, go for black shirt. Gray colored shirts are also a good option.
For the shoes, you can wear sneakers or trainers to complete this casual look. Most of the time, I wear white sneakers because they’re versatile and can easily go well with almost everything. But you can try wearing a different color. Just always remember that color matching plays an important role in your overall look. One single detail can entirely make or break an outfit.

Top: Uniqlo
Shorts: Oxygen
Shoes: Adidas
This look is plain and simple, making it the easiest streetstyle outfit to achieve. Just take note that this look is not for business nor applicable to major social events. This is the kind of outfit you pull off when you are going to the mall just for some walk or when you are meeting your friends and play bowling with them. The sneakers make this look a bit sporty after all.
If you want a more preppy look, loafers can also work well with shorts but you need a less casual top, maybe a nice polo shirt. During colder days, you can add an outerwear like a bomber jacket or a light jacket which should work just fine with this outfit.
So you see, even the most plain and basic outfit can make you look stylish. Do not underestimate the power of white shirt, denim shorts and sneakers. It can be your next favorite ready-to-go look!

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