What to do on rainy days?

by Kevin Bascao - 10:47 PM

Hate rainy days? Many of us do. While it’s not maybe our kind of weather, it is something we can still enjoy. I’m giving my personal list of things I love doing during rainy days and I hope you could relate to it.

Enjoy a cup of warm cofee

For someone who is addicted to caffeine, anytime is a good time to drink coffee. Though on rainy days, drinking hot coffee is a better experience. Coffee is like a cup of hug, ready to comfort us when the weather is cold.

Must-try: Satchmi

Binge-watch on Netflix

One weekend, you are supposed to do an outdoor activity with your friends. Then you realized that the weather is not so cooperative so you end up canceling all your plans.

Don’t have plan B? Let Netflix be your Plan B! In my case, it works most of the time. If possible, invite your friends to come over. Just prepare some popcorn and you’re set for a great bonding with friends!

As of the moment, I enjoy watching Riverdale and Stranger things repeteadly since they are yet to release a new episode. My sister loves watching her all-time favorites like Friends and Gossip Girl. My other sister is into K-Drama.

Whatever genre or category you are into, Netflix has it all. They have an awesome list of series and movies.

Netflix is highly addictive. I warned you.

Satisfy your cravings

Aside from binge-watching, another binging activity we enjoy doing is binge-eating. Actually, we love eating whatever the weather is but we just enjoy doing it more during colder days. It is the time when we go for more cheat days because our cravings go high.

According to science, it’s our body’s mechanism and compensation to cold temperature.
Other reason is boredom. Kidding!

For this deliciously-made champorado, we went to Tsokolateria in Tagaytay to try it. Loved it!

In my country, one of the best food to eat on rainy days is Champorado. It is a sweet porridge made from cocoa and glutinous rice top and served with condensed milk.

Listen to feel good music

Reese Lansangan, everyone!

Rainy days are just perfect for some feel good music. Since we cannot do something about the rain, we might as well just enjoy it. Put on your headphones, relax and enjoy. As adults, we don’t get to chill always anyway.

If you need recommendation on some nice music to listen to, I already gave one above. Reese Lansangan is an amazing artist from the Philippines.

Songs from Coldplay and classic songs are also good to listen. Well, there’s Spotify if you want some feel good music but doesn’t know exactly what song to listen.

Plan your next trip

You might find rainy days a good time to start planning your next trip.

Check online for plane tickets. Sometimes when I do, I get surprised because of promo fares. If you already got yourself a plane ticket, the next thing to do is book for hotels. My tip here would be to always spend time reading reviews. Believe me, it helps!

Hey guys, you can actually search and book hotels thru my website. I’m an official affiliate of Agoda. Just find the Agoda search box on the side if you are using a computer and somewhere at the bottom if you’re using mobile. Thanks!

Sleeping and taking naps

Okay, I don’t really need to further explain this. You have to agree with me on this one.
I don’t know but our bodies instantly feel heavier on colder days. It is suddenly harder to get off from the bed in the morning. If there is no reason for you to be up early, then don’t be up early.

Savour the moment! Take it as an opportunity to restore your energy and to make up for the sleepless nights.

Status: In relationship with my bed

These are just some of the things I enjoy doing on rainy days. During this season, we anticipate that some of our plans might be spoiled. Many activities will be rescheduled or if not, maybe canceled.
That should be fine. It is always more important to keep safe and dry!

What are your favorite things to do during rainy days? Share your thoughts. Hit the comment box below!

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