Liwliwa: My favorite quick escape

by Kevin Bascao - 10:48 AM

We all need a break from our daily routine. At least once in a while, we should be able to get away from our toxic life in the city. It could be a quiet place near the beach or a lively place with people partying around. I dunno, it depends on your preference but I am sharing mine. This is my favorite quick escape.
This is my Liwliwa experience.

I discovered this place when a friend of mine invited me to come over to their place in Zambales. They have these rental rooms where backpackers could stay. I felt guilty that I turned down the invite many times before just because I was too busy. When I had the chance to visit my friend, I finally understood why she had been asking me to visit her place. As a friend, she knows how much I love traveling. Little did I know, I am yet to meet my happy place.
So why do I love Liwliwa?
It has this underrated beauty which I really admire. When I went here the first time, I wanted to do just one thing and that is to RELAX. I was able to do that here. Oh, FYI mobile networks have weak signal here which actually a reason for me to love the place even more. The only time you will be using your mobile phone is when you try to capture the beauty of the place using the camera of your phone.. For the first time after a long time, I had this peace of mind. Priceless moment!

Photo by Dikya Clothing
While I’m not really into surfing, other people go here for that purpose. Liwliwa beach is actually a nice surfing spot. It is relatively near, you get to enjoy surfing at the beach just few hours away from the city. By the way, for people who are surfing for the first time, there are locals who can assist you including my friend, Dhen and her husband, DK. About the fees, please ask them nicely. You can also rent surfing boards at their place. Oh hey, one more thing! DK is a tattoo artist, in case you are interested of getting inked, maybe you can have it during your visit here!
Hello Dhen!


I went to Victory Liner Bus station – Cubao to take the bus going to Iba, Zambales. (Kindly tell the driver that you need to get off at San Felipe. Tip: Use Google Map and thank me later). A one-way ticket costs PHP 300+ or you could check it here. After getting off the bus, you can ride a tricycle going to Liwliwa beach or just tell the driver to drop you off at Circle hostel.

Where to stay?

Please don’t look for 5-star hotels because there’s none. There are hostels to choose from but I am recommending Good Karma Surf Resort.

Meet Dragon. Good Karma’s resident dog. So adorable!

A skateboard ramp inside! You can borrow skateboards and play with other skaters/locals

Use of skateboard ramp is free but they are open for donations and proceeds will be used to maintain the ramp, of course and also to support community events in Liwliwa. How nice!
For inquiry and reservation, contact DK: +639267261917

One last reason why I love this place and why I keep on coming back is because Liwliwa gives me this feeling as if I never left our home. The people, the community itself are home. I’m not saying this just because I have a friend who’s living in the place. Generally, the people are nice. You can actually see how they take care of the place and all the visitors going there. I’m sure there are places that have finer sand, bluer waters, bigger waves and more IG-worthy. But not all destinations can give you that “home” feels. You can go here all by yourself, alone and yet come back home with a great sense of belongingness in your heart.
This is my kind of adventure. This is my favorite quick escape.

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